Lance Machovsky

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Lance Machovsky is the Chief Operating Officer for the Armour Group team. Lance oversees all in-house activities, ranging from marketing to listing. As the chief point of contact for all team members, he is responsible for effectively marshaling Armour Group’ resources, ensuring all clients the best, most seamless experience.

Buying or selling a home has distinct similarities to climbing a mountain. The beauty is inspiring, hazards and consequences are real, and the emotional rewards are staggering. And by hiring a local guide (no matter your expertise level), you will help ensure safe passage home. As a former mountain guide and a Realtor for nine years, Lance has an exceptional track record of working collaboratively with clients to name objectives, identify obstacles, and evaluate the local climate and conditions. Lance’s nuanced understanding of the San Francisco market is supported by the most skilled and accomplished colleagues in the business. Our team will help you act with intention, decisiveness and confidence to reach your goals.

"Find a professional you can trust. And trust them."


San Francisco according to Lance:

3 Three things every San Franciscan should own? 
A sense of humor, a windbreaker and shoes made for walking

An up and coming neighborhood is:
a rising tide lifts all the boats in the harbor. Our city is enjoying a renaissance. Change is good so learn to embrace it.

Your secret weapon in the city is: my uncanny ability to find parking.

Experience has taught me: to keep trying new things

Take the date to: 
Land’s End and The Cliff House. The power of the wind and sea stimulate and exhilarate.

How do you stay sharp? 
I like getting out; surfing, climbing. I want to race the Baja 1000, Motorcycles Class 50 next November so I just started a training and am putting more miles on the bike.

Your “most improved” award goes to: the Embarcadero waterfront

Why a team? Synergy, horsepower, motivation and accountability

_________ is worth every cent. 
Time spent reading

Something no ones knows about: San Francisco is there’s a natural rock climbing cliff on Beaver St.

What is your best piece of real estate advice that you would give your clients?
Find a professional you can trust. And trust them.


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